Pedro Villalobos

Web Marketing

Who am I

Pedro Villalobos

Hi, I am Pedro Villalobos.

Brazilian, from Belo Horizonte, 29 years old and a Marketing graduate by FUMEC University (Fundação Mineira de Educação e Cultura), where I also studied Advertising for 2 years.

Fascinated by the web, I have been into technology since my first 386.

What do I do

In August 2012 I co-founded Lagiar, a creative gift suggestion platform. Thanks to it I lived in Santiago/Chile for 8 months, where we were part of Startup Chile Program.

Lagiar IssoMesmo

Other then Santiago I also lived for almost 3 months in London, were I perfected my English. I also have been a partner in another technology company, Blue Box Informática and an event production company, TGM Produções.

I have had a few personal blogs and I still maintain IssoMesmo, dedicated to lifehacking.

I do talks about SEO and Web Marketing. You can see the latest ones on my Slideshare.

Get in Touch

You can get in touch by email, send me a message on LinkedIn or find me on other networks.

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